Eric Barnhill’s Bio

Eric Barnhill, owner, founder, video guy, web lackey, ( A&P, IA, Restoration/Maintenance Shop Owner, Aviation Maintenance Technician Of the year for South Carolina 2007, Skydiver (35 years), Award Winning Aircraft Restorer (Grand Champion at Lakeland, Best of Class at Oshkosh), Pilot (4000+ hours), etc. Eric is a full time mechanic at his own shop in Upstate South Carolina. He lives at a fly-in community and eats, sleeps, and thinks aircraft and flying 23 1/2 hours a day. The website was created (and maintained) by Eric to help the owner/operator, Pilot, Mechanic understand and manage the Annual Inspection Process as well as anything else related to maintaining General Aviation Aircraft. Please visit and forward your comments, suggestions to Eric via the Contact Us box on the web site. Blue Skies!