Tools for Spark Plug Video

The following tools and supplies are by no means the only ones you can use to remove, clean, test, gap, and replace your aircraft spark plugs. These are the tools and supplies we use,  they are all available from one supplier, (Aircraft Spruce). We choose to deal with them because they are knowledgeable, usually have everything you will need in stock, ship the same day (in most cases), and have an excellent customer service department, (if you need them).

Click on the items below, that will take you to a Aircraft Spruce order form, after indicating the quantity desired click order and the item will be added to your “Cart”. Click the “Back” button on your browser to return to this page, choose the next item and repeat. When you are finished simply indicate your method of payment and shipping method and you will be servicing you aviation spark plugs in no time.

Safety Glasses


Spark Plug Tray

Electric Engraver

Engraver cleaning tip

Spark Plug Cleaner / Tester

Anti Seize Compound

Torque Wrench

Spark Plug Socket

Crush Gaskets

Gapping tool