Type certificate Data Sheets


By Eric Barnhill – MyAnnual.net

When the FAA certifies something (airframe, engine, propeller) it does so with a TCDS (Type Certificate Data Sheet). This document has a lot of useful information for the mechanic, and owner operator.

Ever wonder what carburetor should be on your engine?

Which magnetos are certified for use on your engine?

What is the correct timing for those magnetos?

Which spark plugs are legal to be in your engine?

What are the maximum permissible CHT’s?

All these questions (and more) are answered in the FAA’s Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS).

Where can I find this information?

We’ll give you the link in just a minute, but first let us tell you how to find your particular Aircraft, Engine, Propeller, etc. once you get to that page.

After you click the link below:

Enter the manufacturer of the component you are looking for,

Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Teledyne Continental, Textron Lycoming, Sensenich , Hartzell , and so on.

Now that you have found the manufacturer you are looking for, click on the little arrow to the left of that manufacturer. A list of models and their TCDS’s will appear. Click on the TCDS number (the second row)not the model of the component, then click on the PDF file and the TCDS will magically appear.

If your engine, propeller, or other accessory is not listed here, your aircraft may have been modified by a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). Check the listing of articles on MyAnnual.net under Certified Aircraft for the article about STC’s. If you have any questions, please click the  contact us button, we’ll be glad to help.

Click here to go to the FAA’s page on TCDS, they are listed alphabetically.

Click here to go to the article on STC’s

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