Who is responsible to make sure that your Aircraft is “In Annual”

By Eric Barnhill – MyAnnual.net

YOU the aircraft Owner/Pilot are ultimately responsible that your aircraft has all the required inspections done and that all the Paperwork is in order! Insurance companies are getting more picky about all the inspections being done in a timely manner and all the paperwork being done correctly!

Let’s face it we all have insurance on our aircraft to make sure that in case there is an accident we will have liability coverage and that there will be money to repair or replace the aircraft. If all the required maintenance is not done and the logbook entries correct you are probably NOT COVERED and you not only could get nothing for repair and/or replacement but open yourself up to liability issues. Insurance isn’t cheap so make sure you are not throwing your money away by not meeting the requirements of your policy.

I’m not a lawyer, or an insurance man but, it just makes sense that the insurance company is looking for any way to get out of paying your claim, so CYA (Cover your Behind) by making sure that everything is in order NOW before something happens.

Take a few minutes RIGHT NOW to look at your log books and make sure that all the required inspections have been done and that all the paperwork is in order.

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